Trieste Car Rental

Trieste Car Rental

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Trieste is a brilliant summer destination but recent years have seen an influx of ski enthusiasts descend on the area. With the rising cost of flight and train tickets, more people than ever are considering renting a car for their skiing trip.

Not only does it allow you to see more on your trip, but you will be more relaxed when you get there and have more ability to move around at will. The big surprise about renting a vehicle for a skiing trip is that it is not much more expensive than during any other season. There are some additional costs, but what you will gain in convenience, security and mobility makes them more than worth it.


Making sure everything is safe and secure

If you need a car at Trieste Airport, you have to make sure that it is safe and secure. Don’t rely on the agency to do everything that needs to be done, you have to tell them where you will be driving so that they may suggest the appropriate winterisation methods.

They do come as an extra cost but are necessary. You need to make sure you have snow tyres and snow chains. Have them show you how to use the snow chains before you leave. Also, request that they change the wipers to storm wipers so you will be able to see clearly on the roads no matter what the weather.

Car on Rural Road in Winter

Picking the right kind of Trieste Rental Car:

One of the great things about leasing a car is you get a chance to drive the vehicle of your dreams. Save that indulgence for the summer months and go for an estate car instead. Even some of the smaller passenger transport vehicles can be a better choice than a sports motor or compact sedan.

The reason is that these cars not only have excellent mobility, but you can also keep all of your equipment inside with you. This means not messing with frozen ski racks, dealing with the added cost of acquiring ski racks – or worrying about your equipment being stolen when you stop in over night for a rest.


Making sure that you are prepared:

The driver needs to make sure that they have all their papers in order before agreeing to pilot the trip. If you don’t have an International Driver’s License then you need to get one. You also need to be over 18. It is a good idea to designate someone to read maps while you are driving. GPS may be great, but not in the Alps.

Chances are you will be out of network more than in. Having a backup driver is also a good idea, they should make sure that all of their licensing is in order as well. Back to the issue of maps, make sure that you have your route planned out in advance and mark it off as you go. This way you will always know where you are.

Trips Outside the City in your Trieste Car Hire

Trips Outside the City in your Trieste Car Hire

Trieste is located in northern Italy and is bordered by Slovenia and the Adriatic Sea. It is becoming a very popular stop for travelers who are looking for a touch of the old with all the modern amenities. There are many things to do in Trieste, but if you are staying for a few days it can be very worth your while to take your Trieste Airport rental car and explore some of the surrounding areas.

There are mountains to hike, small fishing villages to explore, and much more. Here are the top 4 recommended day trips you should take while on your holiday in Trieste.

Car Hire Trieste to Croatia

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Day Trip #4 – Istria

The peninsula region of Istria covers three countries. It is home to some of the finest wine-making areas in Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. Your best bet is to back a lunch and just go explore the rolling hills of the area. There are many small villages and towns that make for great spontaneous adventures during your outing too. If you go down towards the sea, you can watch the fishing boats come in, or indulge yourself in windsurfing along the coastline too.


Day Trip #3 – Pula

Pula is a more laid back city than most. It is thoroughly modern, but tempered by its long history of being one of the best areas of shipbuilding and wine-making around. The best way to see Pula is to drive in and spend a night, that way you can go out to the wine-making country and hike the countryside. It is rated very highly for its friendliness to tourists.

Day Trip #2 – Rovinj

Rovinj is notorious for being one of the easiest cities in Croatia to access by motor car. It is a simple matter of taking main roads right from Trieste, across the border and to the outer edge of the peninsula. There you will find Rovinj in all its glory. It combines one of the largest natural preserves with a city that is designed to cater to the traveler. There are shops, restaurants, galleries and festivals too. The port is an active fishing port which can make for a great experience for the family to see.

Day Trip #1 – Volosko Harbor

Volosko is located in Croatia in the city of Opatija. It is one of the older areas of the cities and the first major attraction in it is its very large, and free, car park. Volosko Harbor is considered to have some of the finest wind surfing in the region. It also has some of the best restaurants and small shops. It makes for a wonderful day trip in your leased vehicle.


Don’t forget this one very important detail:

Before you make your plans for any day trips in your rentacar, make sure you check with the agency that the vehicle is cleared to cross the border. Some hire cars are only registered for in-country use. You should also ask what paperwork you may need to carry to cross back and forth too.

You should also consider a trip to Ljubljana in Slovenia as well as some fantastic Italian cities such as Venice which are all easily reachable.

Rules of the Road in Italy

Rules of the Road in Italy

Italy is notorious for having some of the fastest and most aggressive driver’s on the road. The driving culture is very different than it is in the UK. The rules are taken very seriously because they allow for a safer, higher speed of travel. If you remember to drive as defensively as possible, you won’t have a problem on the roads.

Which side of the road?

Like America, you drive on the right side of the road. Do not travel in the passing lane (a common habit in other countries). Those lanes are meant for passing only and that is strictly enforced.

Passing on the left:

One thing you may encounter on the roads around and in Trieste is that a car will come up behind you and flash their lights. This usually occurs on a two lane or one lane road. This is the accepted signal for you to slow down, pull towards the curb and let that car pass. Remember, Italians are notoriously aggressive drivers – but they are safe. The driver may not force the issue, but they will certainly follow you to have it out when you stop.


Watch your speed:

Speed limits are now strictly enforced in Italy. The speed limits may not always be posted, but they are standard. Remember that the highway speed limit when passing through an urban area will follow the urban area limit. The speed limits are:

* 130 kph on highways
* 110 kph on non-major roads outside of urban areas
* 90 kph on local roads
* 50 kph in urban areas
An urban area is any town, village or city.

Obey signs and respond to tickets:

Trieste, as with the rest of Italy, values its safety. In recent years they have gotten far more serious about ticketing and fining people for parking and moving violations. They have gotten more aggressive with pursuing tickets with tourists, so don’t think you can leave the ticket unpaid when you go home. Follow the rules, remember the speed limits and drive defensively to keep yourself safe. If you do use our car hire Trieste comparison service, please keep all of the above in mind.